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Why Experience Wildlife With Melbourne Zoo

Are you planning on visiting Melbourne for a holiday? If you are, then you’ll need to plan out what you’re going to do for the trip.

Thankfully, there are plenty of activities to get involved in while you’re here. You’re spoiled for choice, to the point that it could be overwhelming.

You’ll want to narrow things down to the best restaurants in Melbourne, alongside the best places to see and visit. There are more than a few to choose from.

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That’ll keep you sorted for the evening, but what about the daytime? There are plenty of things to do around the city that are sure to work up an appetite.

One of the more appealing is Melbourne Zoo, which has consistently been one of the more popular places in the city for tourists to see.

Why Melbourne Zoo Is Worth Your Visit

Melbourne Zoo has long been one of the city’s most popular attractions. Almost everyone who passes through plans a visit to the iconic zoo. There are more than a few reasons for this.

Melbourne Zoo is Australia’s oldest zoo and was modelled on London Zoo. The zoo was opened on 6 October 1862 at the Royal Park site of 55-acre (22 ha) on land donated by the City of Melbourne.

A visit to Melbourne Zoo could include viewing endangered Asian elephant calves, Mali and Ongard, foraging and roaming in the Trail of the Elephants habitat; viewing baby Dewi in the Orang-utan Sanctuary; listening to a keeper explain the Zoo’s breeding program for the endangered Lord Howe Island stick insect or even enjoying a twilight concert in the grounds.

The Zoo has been part of the experiences and memories of the Victorian public for 150 years, and in this story we celebrate, explore and remember the animal stars of yesterday and today, visitor experiences through the generations and stories of the keepers who have cared for the animals since it opened in 1862.

Visitor encounters and expectations of the Zoo have evolved over the years along with the Zoo’s practices. It has transformed from its early days of collecting and displaying species for public viewing to its current role in fighting extinction through local and global breeding and conservation programs.

Zoos Victoria’s commitment to fighting extinction is also explored through the Melbourne Zoo’s breeding programs for threatened and endangered species and their international conservation work outside the zoo walls.

The zoo is set among flower gardens and picnic areas. Many of the animals are now organised in bioclimatic zones: African rainforest featuring gorillas, mandrills, pigmy hippos and parrots; Asian Rainforest with tigers and otters; and the Australian bush with koala, kangaroos, emu, echidnas and endangered hairy nose wombats. Popular exhibits also include the Butterfly House, the great flight aviary and the Trail of the Elephants.

The zoo includes a large schools section and caters to many school visitors annually, its immensely popular education program encourages young minds to conserve animals..

Taking in Melbourne Zoo is more than recommended for anybody that visits. Between the animals that you can see and the ways you can get up-close and personal, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

What’s stopping you from giving it a visit? You should be guaranteed a great day out.

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