Theme Restaurant Docklands

Our Theme: A Journey Through Monthly Gastronomic Events

Nestled within the bustling waterfront precinct of Docklands, Victoria, Horn & Hoof emerges as an enchanting oasis for culinary explorers. This themed restaurant celebrated amongst locals and visitors alike, stands as a testament to Melbourne’s vibrant dining scene.

Imagine a setting where every month unfolds a new chapter, a fresh theme waiting to be explored. Horn & Hoof masterfully crafts these chapters, turning each one into an immersive dining experience. Whether it’s the festive vibes of ‘Christmas in July’ or the mystique of the ‘Black Box Event’, our guests are assured of an adventure that tantalizes not just their taste buds but their imagination as well.

These monthly events are not just meals, but stories told through the medium of food. Our Chef’s prowess transforms ingredients into narratives, plates into pages, and an evening at Horn & Hoof into a culinary tale worth retelling. Every visit introduces diners to a fresh story, promising delightful surprises and memories that linger long after the last bite.

Join us on this journey, where tradition meets innovation, and each meal becomes a moment to cherish.

Thematic Menu Highlights

Every month, the heart of Docklands beats to a rhythmic culinary ensemble curated exclusively by Horn and Hoof. From whimsical themes like ‘Christmas in July’ to the intriguing ‘Black Box Event’, our seasoned Chef crafts exquisite 5-course meals that surprise, delight, and take you on a journey of tantalizing wonders. Among the myriad of themed events, our Red Feast has become the talk of Melbourne.

The Grandeur of Red Feast: A Return Soon Awaited!

Premiering last August, the Red Feast has since been etched in the annals of fine dining. This majestic 9-course culinary escapade celebrates the intricate flavours and textures of red meats, ensuring each dish resonates with a story, a tradition, or an innovation. Begin your evening with the Smoked Venison Pâté, a sheer indulgence, smooth, rich, and setting the tone for the sensory delights to follow. Just as you relish its aftertaste, the Venison Carpaccio graces your table – an epitome of precision, with paper-thin slices seasoned to perfection, melting the moment they touch your palate.

Not one to be confined by tradition, our menu introduces a modern twist with the Wild Meats Jerky. Experience a bold embrace of gamey flavours, with each bite echoing the wild, untamed terrains from where they originate.

Warm your soul with the hearty Solyanka Soup, a symphony of robust flavours filled with morsels of tender meat and a fragrant broth that evokes the very essence of comfort food.

As the crescendo builds, delve into the luscious layers of Pulled Pressed Pork, an ode to the harmony of meat and spices. The following courses, featuring gastronomic delights like flavour-packed meatballs and succulent steak, further showcase the prowess of our Chef, leaving an imprint on your taste buds and heart alike.

And just as every masterpiece has a fitting closure, the Red Feast concludes with the coolness of Watermelon Sorbet and the delightful whimsy of Apple of Love Ice Cream. These desserts, with their refreshing sweetness, strike a perfect chord against the richness of the red meats, ensuring a memorable end to your meal.

In the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Docklands, the Red Feast is not just a meal; it’s an experience, a tale, a dance of flavours. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip by! The 9-course Red Feast is more than a meal—it’s a symphonic journey through diverse flavours. Our chefs, masters of their craft, have meticulously designed each course to shine a spotlight on the rich allure of red meats. From the very first bite, you’ll be taken on a gastronomic exploration, leaving an indelible mark on your culinary memories.

At just $185 per person, this isn’t just a meal but an investment in a dining experience that will be the talk of the town. A feast so splendid, it’s sure to be etched in your memory forever. So, why wait? Secure your table today and brace yourself for a captivating culinary odyssey.

But that’s not all! We’re continuously innovating, with enthralling events lined up. Join us for the Forest Spring Degustation this October, or immerse yourself in the regal November Sport of Kings Delectation. Stay on the lookout, for at Horn & Hoof; every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Decor & Design

At Horn & Hoof, every nook and cranny is meticulously curated to enhance the ambience of our thematic events. Our decor isn’t just about visual appeal – it’s about immersion. The moment you step in, you’re greeted by a delightful blend of the traditional and contemporary. Colourful ceiling drapes cascade down, setting a mood that syncs harmoniously with the theme of the month. Tables, elegantly adorned with intricate pieces, further accentuate this feel.

But our dining experience doesn’t end indoors. Step outside, and you’ll find a cozy veranda perfect for post-dining relaxation. Whether it’s the chills of winter or a pleasant summer evening, our outdoor setting is primed for comfort. With efficient heaters and fireplaces warming the space during cooler times, you can sink into our plush Chesterfield lounges. From here, the serene waterfront views of Docklands unfold before you, adding a touch of nature to the luxury.

Sip on our range of  decadent Rums, from Venezuela and the Caribbean , or  fine Australian XO St Agnes, or VSOP and XO cognacs or indulge in some very special Cocktails , specially made for you. For those with a penchant for fine spirits, our collection boasts over two dozen variants of whiskeys and rums. And if that wasn’t all, feel the gentle puff of a premium cigar as you reminisce about the delightful meal you just had.

Horn & Hoof isn’t just about food and drinks; it’s about a comprehensive sensory journey – a blend of taste, sight, and comfort, culminating in an unforgettable dining experience.

A Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of Docklands lies a hidden gem – Horn & Hoof. It is more than just a themed restaurant; it’s a testament to exquisite European culinary artistry. Our shining achievement? Clinching the title of “Best European Restaurant in Melbourne” three years in a row (2021, 2022, and 2023). This isn’t merely a feather in our cap but a reflection of our unwavering dedication to serving great food with impeccable service. The culinary delights on our menu are just the tip of the iceberg. As you step inside, prepare to be enveloped by a warm, welcoming atmosphere that mirrors the charm of Docklands itself. Picture yourself sinking into the soft embrace of our Chesterfield lounges, a hand-crafted cocktail shimmering in your grasp, the serenity of Docklands’ waterfront views adding the perfect touch to your evening. It’s not just about food; it’s about creating moments that you cherish. But don’t just take our word for it. Our remarkable 4.9 rating across various review platforms speaks volumes. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s thriving dining sector, Horn & Hoof has carved a niche. The recipe for our success? A harmonious blend of fine dining, impeccable ambience, and meticulous attention to every little detail, turning every meal into an unforgettable experience

Looking Ahead

In the ever-evolving world of gastronomy, Horn & Hoof stays ahead of the curve. Stay tuned to our journey as we continually innovate, serving up the most delicious food and crafting dining experiences that are uniquely us. With every visit, we promise a symphony of traditional dishes with a modern twist, all set against the enchanting backdrop of Docklands, Victoria.

From the morning coffee aroma that welcomes our breakfast patrons to the sizzling and tantalizing scents of lunch and dinner preparations, every meal at Horn & Hoof is a celebration of Melbourne’s rich culinary heritage right at the epicentre of Docklands.

So, when the city lights of Docklands beckon, and you’re seeking an experience that tantalizes the palate and soothes the soul, make your way to Horn & Hoof. An adventure of taste and elegance awaits, and it’s one you won’t soon forget.