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Experience the Magic of Game Meats at Docklands' Best Eatery

Do you envision an elite dining experience filled with unique flavours and textures when you think of game meat? At HORN & HOOF, we turn that vision into a reality. With Melbourne Docklands as our backdrop, we provide an unmatched dining experience that celebrates the majesty of the game.

Remember – Game meats should NOT taste “ Gamey” but should be packed with natural flavours ,with  only a gentle tickle of our favorite spice. And have absolutely NO need of enhancement with an overdose of spices.

A Gourmet's Guide to Great Food

Dive into the rich world of game meats at Horn & Hoof, Docklands’ premium game restaurant. Beyond the delicious flavours, there’s a multitude of reasons that set game meats apart. Let’s unravel this culinary mystery:

1. A Delightful Delicacy: Game meats have graced the tables during special occasions across Europe and Asia for centuries. Their presence at events, festivals, and gatherings symbolises great food and an air of opulence.

2. A Symphony of Flavours and Nutrition: Game meats offer a unique flavour palette – from subtly sweet to robustly gamey. But it’s not just about the taste. They’re lean, packed with protein, and boast fewer fats and cholesterol than regular meats. Moreover, they’re nature’s superfood with a good dose of iron, packed with trace minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Dive into an Ethical Feast: In the modern age, where the provenance of food matters, game meats stand out. Raised in the wild, these animals are free from hormones and antibiotics. Plus, choosing a game supports environmental balance by keeping certain animal populations in check.

4. Flavour That Speaks Volumes: There’s a distinct richness to game meats, a depth of flavour that gourmets and casual diners alike cherish.

5. Nature’s Fitness Diet: Have you ever wondered why game meat feels lighter yet fulfilling? It’s because these animals roam free, munching on a natural diet. This results in meat that’s lean yet rich in minerals and beneficial fats like omega-3s.

6. An Exclusive Experience: Game meats aren’t your everyday fare. Their availability is often restricted to specific seasons, making them all the more special. Dining at the game is not just a meal; it’s an event.

7. Sustainable Dining: Think sustainability, think game meats. Hunting is often more eco-friendly than traditional livestock farming. It requires fewer resources and helps maintain the ecological balance.

8. A Nod to Traditions: Every bite of game meat is a journey through time. It’s a taste of ancient traditions and a nod to cultural practices where hunting was a rite of passage.

9. A Conscious Choice: With the growing awareness about the conditions of farmed animals, many are switching to game. It’s a choice for the conscious, for those who want their meat to come from animals that live freely.

Come explore these culinary wonders at Horn & Hoof, where every dish tells a story. Experience a blend of tradition, taste, and ethics, all served on a plate. We also serve vegan and gluten-free delicacies.

Our Signature Game Dishes At Melbourne Docklands

Venison Steaks

Sourced from the Glenelg River and Mount Gambier forests, seasoned with forest spices and served with craft beer.

Black Cod Special

Directly from the cold waters of Alaska, the filet Mignon of the fish world, with translucent white flesh, is a true delicacy. This dish promises a taste adventure.

Tamworth Suckling Pig

Fed only milk , This meat has a lower fat content with a deeper taste from Strathalbyn's plains, making it a delicious yet healthy choice.

Emu Fan Fillets

A specialty from Cobar, specialty cut for Horn and Hoof. The Chefs from Horn and Hoof traveled to the Emu farms of outback Australia to work with the farmers to get the best cuts available for you. It’s the perfect dish for a romantic dinner under the Docklands' starlit sky.

Wild Boar Shoulder

A delicacy from Outback Cobar, Slow Cooked for over 12 hours at about 120C Long and Slow cooked to seal in the flavours and enhance the tenderness this dish is a true testament to our chef's expertise.

Alpaca Boneless Shanks

Hailing from Mount Compass, a darker denser , sweeter meat with far less fat than Lamb Shanks, This is a must-try for those seeking a new flavour profile.Remember the old adage - the cuter they look , the better they taste

Unraveling the Secrets of Our Game Mastery

Cooking game is an art, and our chefs are the master artists. With years of experience, they’ve perfected the techniques of marinating, seasoning, and cooking each type of meat. Paired with the perfect drink from our full-service cocktail bar, each dish promises a mouth-watering experience. Our continuous innovations mean you’ll always have something new to try on every visit.

Rooted in Tradition: Cooking Techniques Perfected Over Time

At Horn & Hoof, we hold dear the time-honoured methods of cooking. We cherish the traditional techniques, each having its unique flair and science, making them impeccable for game meats:

  • Smoking: Bestows a signature smoky aroma that elevates the natural notes of game meat.
  • Roasting: Delivers a crisp exterior while preserving moist, tender insides.
  • Braising: Infuses the meat with flavours over slow cooking, ensuring each bite is both tender and flavour-packed.
  • Stewing: Merges multiple ingredients, letting the meat soak up a rich blend of flavours and become tantalisingly soft.

These classic methods not only amplify the flavours but also enhance the texture, making every bite an experience in itself.

The Palette of Flavors: Marinades and Spices

Understanding game meat is an art, and accentuating its flavours with the right set of marinades and spices is the science we’ve mastered. At Horn & Hoof, our seasoned chefs create harmonious symphonies of flavours:

  • Wild Venison: Cooked within it s own jouceis, accompanied  with the sweetness of cherry sauce, texotic forest spices, and a hint of red wine to balance it out.
  • Duck: A delightful ensemble of apple , cinnamon with the citrus experience provided by cardamon,  which provides you with a richer ,deeper flavour than just orange can produce . This is one dish for the true degustation connoisseur 
  • Wild Boar:  – Long Slow cooked with a medley of Vegetables, covered in spices  and fruit juices . Served with bulgur (partially cracked wheat kernels) , glazed baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and beetroot/prune sauce

Commitment to Ethics: How We Source Our Games

Horn & Hoof is more than just a restaurant; it’s our vow to bring ethical, high-quality game meats to your table. Each of our game meat sources:
  • Adheres to the strictest quality and sustainability standards.
  • Provides only the freshest, organic, and free-range meats.
  • Ensures no hormones or antibiotics taint the pure flavours.
  • Maintains transparency, making each product traceable.
  • Honours nature’s clock, offering meats when they are seasonally at their peak.
  • Where possible/required Halal standards are also maintained for everyone’s dining pleasure

Pushing Culinary Boundaries: Our Innovative Offerings

Breaking the monotony, we at Horn & Hoof are committed to pushing the culinary envelope. Our repertoire isn’t just limited to traditional dishes. From light salads and heart-warming soups to divine desserts , and lavish four-course meals, we have something for every gastronome.

And for those looking to venture beyond the conventional, our monthly “Black Box Eventst” is a culinary spectacle. Experience the thrill of savouring exotic game meats, in a 5 course meals created by one of the best chefs of Europe.

The Perfect Evening in Docklands

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a quiet romantic dinner, HORN & HOOF is the place to be. Located a stone’s throw from the Marvel Stadium, we offer the perfect ambience for every occasion. Come for the delicious food, stay for the great atmosphere and impeccable service. Don’t miss out on our themed events, like the ‘Wild Game Night’, for extra excitement.

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Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a unique dining experience? Join us in the heart of Docklands, Victoria. It is a great place for a feast, some fun, and unforgettable memories. Reserve your table today and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes and unforgettable moments.

Remember, every great story has an element of adventure. Let HORN & HOOF be yours.