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A gallery of the Hoof and Horn restaurant.  A new place in the Docklands, to bring the foods of Royalty and the forests to Melbourne.  Our aim is to be one of the best restaurants in the Docklands.  And if we are able the Hoof and Horn restaurant. To be one of the best restaurants in Melbourne and Australia. WE originally opened in Adelaide, but with family reasons we have moved to Melbourne and hope you enjoy our “Fare” as much as our customers did in Adelaide.  Just to let you know we source as much of our menu items from Australia as possible.  And where possible we will substitute an Australian product where we can keep the authenticity of the dish. So, by dining at Horn and Hoof Restaurant, you are supporting Australian farmers, game suppliers and distributors. Please stay enjoy your meal and then have dessert on the veranda with a cigar. If you have a great time please tell your friends and help us spread the name of Horn and Hoof.