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The idea behind Horn and Hoof Restaurant is to bring one of the Finest Dining Experiences and the foods with the cooking methods of our forefathers to the table. It is our belief that using these time proven methods, brings a more realistic taste, enhancing the innate flavours of the ingredients and making it much more authentic.

entrée dishes

  • Wild Allsorts $19.00 GF

    Marinated mix of roasted meats with baby tomato & sprinkled with pomegranate sauce. With Serge Adamant the entrée menu should include more than one meat dish, Head Chef Elena chose to use the juicy meat located between the fillet and fat layers. Cutting and creating bite size chunks of premium venison, boar, tenderloin, and duck, then marinating these special cuts in herbs and red wine, finally roasting to perfection. A meat lovers “bellissomo”!

  • Arctic Salad $19.00 GF

    Fresh prawns, smoked salmon, leaf salad & horse radish creamy sauce. The Forest Rivers overflow with many fish species,. Salmon is a forest fish that is found both in the forests of the world and Australia. Prawns are found in the frozen Artic Sea and are considered a delicacy (especially as the season to catch them is so short). Horseradish grows on the tundra's at the outskirts of the forests – so this dish brings an authentic twist to this dish.

  • Four Seasons of Beetroot $19.00 V/V++

    This dish consists of diced beetroot in four styles 1) Marinated – Forest Style 2) Plum & Beetroot puree 3) Sweet Style 4) Hot & Spicy This is then shredded all over with blue cheese, on a crumbed rye bed base. The idea for this dish was a homage to Australia & the forest people foods. We all love beetroot as Aussies and root vegetables are the staples of any forest cuisine. In this dish we combine multiple flavours with a homage to Australia and the forest people. Remove the cheese and its vegan friendly.

  • Summer Squash (Summer only) $19.00 GF/V

    A summer squash (or zucchini) stuffed with eggplant, tomatoes, sweet carrots, mixed herbs and marinated creamy feta cheese. In the northern forest lands squashes / zucchinis are grown all over the countryside by villagers in summer, it is a favourite fruit (yes zucchini is a fruit) of these cold lands. In this example Elena takes a zucchini and then covers it with a variety of ingredients (which can be in addition to what’s above) pours over a feta and you have a wonderful summer entrée – sure to please the fussiest palates.

  • Forest Shrooms $19.00 GF/V/V++

    Mushroom julienne/gratin – combination of porcini, enoki, flat mushrooms, melted truffled cheese & black truffle oil. The Forests make up over 30% of the worlds land mass, so are are vast. One forest was so vast that even when the largest meteor impact in recorded history occurred and ploughed through the countryside it was years before anyone found the traces. (Look up Tunguska event). Even today there are still new species of mushrooms being discovered in forests all over the world. The forest land is so vast and so dense, much of the land has yet to be explored by humans. This is despite civilisations and evidence of mankind being around the area for over 40,000 years. Forest mushrooms have been a staple food to forest peoples since before hominids walked on two legs. In many cities today villagers will get up before dawn and catch trams/buses to the outskirts of towns, to gather mushrooms and then return to sell them to commuters on their way to work. Here in Melbourne, we hunt the wholesale markets and find the freshest mushrooms available, marinade them with herbs, cook with the best wines, using old forest recipes that have been handed down from mother to daughter.


  • Rosti with smoked sour cream $12 GF/V

    Take potatoes, the staple food of Europe, shred it, then add herbs, roast, and serve with smoked sour cream.

  • Mixed European salad $12 GF/V++

    Mix market fresh salad, add our own Siberia in house green oil and ginger dressing

  • Mixed Roast vegetables $12 GF/V++

    A mix of seasonal veggies, straight from the markets and chosen to be fresh, roasted in our ovens with a variety of herbs and finally flambeed before service topped with a mustard dressing.

  • Black forest bread with green butter $4 V

    Take Dark Bavarian Rye seeds, pulverised into a fine flour, add herbs, coriander seeds, never add water, but replace it with Prancing Pony Magic Carpet Ride Stout. Mix, leave to rise. Knead once more and leave to rise overnight (to make all the yeast use up as much gluten as possible). Then place in our ovens in the afternoons and serve for the evening meals.

  • Gluten Free GF
  • Vegetarian V
  • Vegan V++


  • Hanging Tenderloin $42.00

    (250 grams of beef tenderloin) quenelles aux prunes, caramelized baby carrots, Madeira Sauce, and mustard green salad with a madeira/Dijon dressing Take the rich flavour of rib-eye steak—cross it with melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloin, and what do you get? Hanging tenderloin, a tasty cut of beef that is cut along the plate, or lower belly. Because this muscle does very little work, it’s extremely tender and packed with beef flavour. For every cow, there’s numerous sirloin steaks, T-bone steaks, and filet mignon—but there’s only one Hanging tenderloin. “For a restaurant to sell ten hanger steaks, they would need to source from ten cows, that is why it is a rare cut and not often seen on a menu.

  • Lamb Shanks $43.00 GF

    With pumpkin and pomegranate sauce, hemp seeds, green leaves & madeira sauce (on the side). It takes patience to cook a shank. Fortunately, good procrastinators also tend to be patient, because of our special relationship with time in in the forest (you cannot go far in a winter storm that lasts for days). The peoples of the forests, have mastered the art of slow cooked meats. Our shanks are cooked for over 9 hours, marinated in wines, herbs and by the time it comes to your plate, it falls off the bone. A treat not to be missed.

  • Chicken Breast $34.00 GF

    With creamed tomatoes, coriander & nut sauce, roast baby potatoes, grilled asparagus & greens. The forests of the world are filled with many bird species, many birds are caught and cooked. Elena takes an old Siberian Forest recipe, slow cooks the succulent breasts (with copious amounts of white wine) with a fine traditional forest nut sauce, baby potatoes and asparagus to finish of the myriad of tastes. You will be reaching for a spoon, not to leave any sauce behind.

  • Salmon Fillets $36.00 GF/Pesc

    Flame seared with shredded carrots & cucumber salad, fresh asparagus & lemon foam. The one place in the world where salmon are still arriving in large numbers is Northern rivers of our worlds forests as they have for millennia. In this dish we keep it simple, with the fresh summer taste of carrots, cucumbers, lemons, and grilled salmon fillet. Simplicity never tasted so good!

House specialties

  • Alpaca Shanks $49 GF

    GF With crispy potatoes, sweet baby peas, old style pickles, cranberry & red currant sauce. When a lamb shank is just not big enough. Our Shanks are sourced from Mount Compass in South Australia and are about 20% bigger than lamb shanks, with a darker, denser, and sweeter meat. Slow cooked for 9 hours, served with our own recipe for pickles and covered with our own special Siberian cranberry sauce.

  • Wild Venison $44 GF

    Sweet cherry tomatoes, caramelised baby carrots, green leaves salad & cherry sauce. There is a reason why royalty only ate deer and not cows! A much finer cut than the backstrap of a wild venison is hard to find. We source the animals in the wild from the pine forests of the Southeast of SA. Served medium rare covered in a in-house Cherry sauce.

  • Wild Boar $41

    Slow Cooked, with sweet beetroot and prune sauce, toasted bulgur caramelised carrots & green leaves. Everyone has read Asterix and Obelix, why did they love boar so much? Wild boar has historically featured as a dish in many countries. Our boars come from near Cobar in NSW (about 1000km northwest of Sydney). A very lean meat, which can become overly dry if it is not cooked properly. This therefore requires a slow preparation (we cook for 12 hours at 125C) and whilst cooking it, it is covered with vegetables, chicken skins and to ensure it is kept well hydrated, we pour in a libation of red wine. What come out is akin to a pulled pork in texture and when served covered in a beetroot and prune sauce to extract the maximum flavour from the meat.

  • Duck Breast $39 GF

    Marinaded in coffee/brandy with grilled asparagus and an served with an Orange/Pineapple fluid gel. Ducks were the main form of wild fowls that were caught for food by villagers, farmers, and everyone for thousands of years. Somehow with chicken so prevalent in modern day cuisine, duck has become a specialty and the art of preparing duck has become lost to many. Here at the Horn and Hoof, we take duck breasts and marinade them in coffee and Australian style cognac. They are then pan fried and served as traditional as possible with an orange/pineapple sauce.

  • Mushroom Blini, (Crepes) $36 V

    Coalescence of porcini, enoki, flat mushrooms, truffle infused parmesan cheese & smoked sour cream. Mushrooms are a protein that can be found all winter long. Blini (or called crepes in France) are a Forest dwellers tradition. Combine both, add cheese and sour cream and you have delicacy with fine tastes that is hard to beat.

  • Golubtsy ( Forest peoples Style Cabbage Sausages) $35 GF/V++

    Seasoned vegetables filling made up of cauliflower, tomatoes, leek, capsicum & mushroom wrapped in cabbage leaves covered in our own Horn and Hoof recipe wine enhanced tomato sauce. Every menu needs to be able to cater to items that have no animal products. Its pronounced “Golubtsy” or “Golubtsi.” Or stuffed cabbage, but not like any stuffed cabbage you've ever had. This is something every Siberian family makes. Golubtsi take a lot of time if you are making the full recipe (2 hours to prep and stuff the cabbage, then 1 to 2 hours to cook). One roll is a meal in itself! They are a staple feature of Forest peoples meals and a regular feature of many meals each week. You could say all the kids of the forests grew up on Golubtsi!

  • Horn and Hoof, Landed Gentry Forest Style Suckling Pig $55 (PP)

    2 Courses / Min 2 people 2 Course Dinner Suckling pigs bred exclusively for Siberia Restaurant. Entrée – European Pickled Salads with our Dark Bavarian Rye & green butter. Mains – Suckling Pig, Roschti and Roasted Vegetables. **Or grab a table of 8 or more and get a whole pig to yourselves ( 72 hours’ notice needed) .

  • Emu Fan Fillet ( the other red meat) $44 GF

    Emu fillet steaks marinated in Australian sparkling wine, served with pear mostarda, forbidden black rice and red wine sauce Emu has a similar taste, colour, and texture to grass-fed lean beef, but is lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories. A darker red than beef and double the iron content, high in other minerals and trace elements and virtually no fat so it’s very healthy. All our staff who have tried it, have loved it. Served medium rare, straight from the grill! What is a Mostarda? -A condiment made of candied fruit and black mustard seeds & saffron.


  • Summer Forest Triple Cherry Blitz $16 GF

    A deep flavoured Cherry Mouse, layered over with Cherry Jelly, then topped in a Cherry Fluid Gel. The northern forests are covered with snow most of the year. When the short summer comes, people love to feast on sweets. This is a favourite of Elena’s, one that her grandmother used to make for her as a child. This is our restaurants and Elena’s homage to her grandmother’s afterschool treat! Have one and become part of our family!

  • Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Ice-cream with sweet fruit chips $16


  • Butterfly Blue Tea and Orange Ice Cream $16


  • Blini (Crepes) with Chantilly cream & Wild Berries $16

    Timeless European savoury style blini, this time combined with the berries, Chantilly cream and chocolate. The perfect end to any dinner.

  • Affogato $16 GF

    We make this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a shot of hot espresso and then a shot of traditional Frangelico

  • Crushed meringue with berries, sweet fruit chips & whipped cream $16 GF

    A Favourite of any sweet tooth! Make a meringue, crush it, mix with lots of berries and fruit sauces and add whipped cream.

  • Cheese Platter for 2 persons $35 GF

To Ensure one of the finest dining experiences this menu is indicative only and changes  can be subject to seasonal availability or produce quality.

suckling pig SUNDAY

$55 per person

To give our customer one of the finest dining experiences, every Sunday we roast a suckling pig in the traditional Forest peoples style. Served with Rösti, dark rye, greens and vegetables. Suckling pig is considered a delicacy in many countries and sharing a meal of suckling pig is often done to celebrate a special occasion.
With only a limited number of reservations available, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Minimum 2 persons.

Available every Sunday from 5.30pm

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