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The idea behind Horn and Hoof Restaurant is to bring the Finest Dining Experiences in Docklands, Melbourne  of traditional European forest foods with the cooking methods of our forefathers to the table. It is our belief that using these time proven methods, brings a more realistic taste, enhancing the innate flavours of the ingredients and making it much more authentic.

TWO COURSES $86 or THREE COURSES $103 (sides additional)

entrée dishes

  • Wild Allsorts GF

    Marinated mix of roasted meats with baby tomato & sprinkled with pomegranate sauce. With Serge Adamant the entrée menu should include more than one meat dish, Head Chef Elena chose to use the juicy meat located between the fillet and fat layers. Cutting and creating bite size chunks of premium venison, boar, tenderloin, and duck, then marinating these special cuts in herbs and red wine, finally roasting to perfection. A meat lovers “bellissomo”!

  • Chicken and Spinach Roulettes GF / Halal

    Chicken and spinach roulettes with ricotta, basil & bearnaise sauce Experience a symphony of flavours with our delectable Chicken and Spinach Roulettes with Ricotta and Basil. Succulent chicken breast is masterfully rolled around a sumptuous filling of creamy ricotta cheese and basil, creating a harmonious marriage of taste and texture. Each bite unveils the delightful combination of tender chicken, velvety ricotta, and the invigorating essence of basil. Served with finesse and accompanied by a bearnaise sauce, this dish is a true testament to culinary artistry. Delight your senses and indulge in the rich, savory flavours of our Chicken and Spinach Roulettes with Ricotta and Basil, a culinary masterpiece that will leave you craving more.

  • Arctic Salad GF / Pesc / Halal

    Savor the exquisite flavours of succulent crab meat combined with our expertly cured salmon. This delightful dish is enhanced by creamy parsnip puree, accompanied by a refreshing medley of crisp salad leaves. To complete the culinary experience, it is drizzled with a tantalizing dressing. Dive into the abundant rivers of the coastal forest, brimming with a diverse range of fish species, some of which thrive exclusively in pristine, untouched areas. While salmon can be found in Europe and Australia, crabs are a rare delicacy in the frozen northern forests, sourced from the icy waters of the Arctic Sea during a brief fishing season. To imbue this dish with an authentic touch from the frigid lands, we incorporate parsnips. These root vegetables are traditionally cultivated in the vegetable beds of forest-dwelling villagers before the arrival of the winter freeze. As the snow melts and spring emerges, the parsnips awaken, imparting a unique and flavourful essence to the overall ensemble.

  • Blue Boat V/V++

    Enjoy a generous portion of grilled eggplant topped with a medley of wild mushrooms, tomatoes, leeks, capsicum, and a blend of forest herbs. Enhance the flavours with truffled cheese and a drizzle of exquisite black truffle oil. • Alternatively, for a delightful vegan option, simply omit the cheese. Experience a unique burst of flavours in this eggplant surfboard, a rare treat that is difficult to come by in other vegetable dishes. Did you know that eggplants are commonly used in European cuisine and are sometimes referred to as "bluey" in certain regions? Indulge in this mouth-watering creation for a truly exceptional dining experience.

  • Two Happy Pigs GF

    Introducing our delightful menu item, "Two Happy Pigs," where happiness meets culinary excellence. This dish radiates joy because of its animal-friendly approach. We are proud to inform you that no pigs were used in the creation of this masterpiece. Instead, we present you with a tantalizing combination of flavours—a luscious Smoky Venison Pate spread generously on a crispy Bavarian rye cruskit. The smoky notes of the pate perfectly complement the rich and succulent flavours of the venison, resulting in a symphony of taste that will leave you craving for more. To enhance the experience, we serve this happiness-inducing dish alongside a selection of dry-aged wild meats, adding depth and complexity to every bite. As a finishing touch, we include sun-dried tomatoes, their sweet and tangy profile adding a burst of vibrant flavour to the ensemble. Allow yourself to experience the pure delight and happiness of "Two Happy Pigs," guilt-free and full of satisfaction, knowing that no pigs were involved in its creation!

  • Forest Shrooms GF/V/V++

    Mushroom julienne/gratin – combination of porcini, enoki, flat mushrooms, melted truffled cheese & black truffle oil. The Forests make up over 30% of the worlds land mass, so are are vast. One forest was so vast that even when the largest meteor impact in recorded history occurred and ploughed through the countryside it was years before anyone found the traces. (Look up Tunguska event). Even today there are still new species of mushrooms being discovered in forests all over the world. The forest land is so vast and so dense, much of the land has yet to be explored by humans. This is despite civilisations and evidence of mankind being around the area for over 40,000 years. Forest mushrooms have been a staple food to forest peoples since before hominids walked on two legs. In many cities today villagers will get up before dawn and catch trams/buses to the outskirts of towns, to gather mushrooms and then return to sell them to commuters on their way to work. Here in Melbourne, we hunt the wholesale markets and find the freshest mushrooms available, marinade them with herbs, cook with the best wines, using old forest recipes that have been handed down from mother to daughter.

  • Bambi's Triple Treat

    Carrots, 3 ways like you have never tasted before! Crecy / Rissoles / Marinated Embark on an electrifying journey with Bambi's Triple Carrot Delight! Brace yourself for a whirlwind exploration through three sensational carrot creations that will send your taste buds soaring. Kickstarting the adventure is the Carrot Crecy – a lush puree infused with bold spices, orchestrating a harmonious dance on your palate. Up next, the Carrot Rissole intermingles carrots with aromatic spices, rolled into a captivating dish that's extraordinary. Hold on for the climax with Marinated Carrots, Horn and Hoof Forrest spices erupting in a flavour explosion. Complemented by dried olive crumbs, adding tantalizing crunch. This is an all-encompassing culinary odyssey ensuring exhilaration in every bite. Embrace the unknown and indulge in the remarkable! 🥕



  • Hanging Tenderloin GF / Halal

    (250 grams of beef tenderloin) quenelles aux prunes, caramelized baby carrots, Madeira Sauce, and mustard green salad with a madeira/Dijon dressing. Take the rich flavour of rib-eye steak—cross it with melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloin, and what do you get? Hanging tenderloin, a tasty cut of beef that is cut along the plate, or lower belly. Because this muscle does very little work, it’s extremely tender and packed with beef flavour. For every cow, there’s numerous sirloin steaks, T-bone steaks, and filet mignon—but there’s only one Hanging tenderloin. “For a restaurant to sell ten hanger steaks, they would need to source from ten cows, that is why it is a rare cut and not often seen on a menu.

  • Lamb Backstrap GF / Halal

    The tastiest cut with hemp seeds, pomegranate molasses, & pumpkin, green leaves & glazed tomatoes. Indulge in our exquisite Horn and Hoof specialty, which has been a cherished staple among Aussie squatters for centuries. We have taken this timeless dish to new heights by infusing it with hemp seeds, pomegranate, and pumpkin, resulting in flavours that pay homage to the rich traditions of ancient cuisine. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary and enticing delicacy, ensuring you do not overlook this truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience!

  • Chicken Breast GF / Halal

    With creamed tomatoes, coriander & nut sauce, roast baby potatoes, grilled asparagus & greens. The forests of the world are filled with many bird species, many birds are caught and cooked. Elena takes an old Siberian Forest recipe, slow cooks the succulent breasts (with copious amounts of white wine) with a fine traditional forest nut sauce, baby potatoes and asparagus to finish of the myriad of tastes. You will be reaching for a spoon, not to leave any sauce behind.

  • Back in Black with Caviar GF/Pesc / Halal

    Black cod (AKA Alaskan Sablefish) crushed creamy potatoes, pickles & capers. And Red Caviar on top. These are best described as the ‘Fillet Mignon’ of whitefish or ‘Sea Butter.’; it is exciting seeing the reaction when introducing this fish to first timers, their eyes literally light up with the first bite, and they start asking all kinds of questions about where to get it, and why they’ve never heard of it before. Sablefish (aka ‘Black cod’) maintain an elegant uniqueness that is delicate in flavour and velvety in texture. It’s known for being high in omega 3 oil. Fully grown Sablefish live at depths from 150 to 1500 meters below the surface, undertake migrations of more than 1000 miles and can live over 90 years. To allay your fears, Sablefish, are a sustainable Alaskan fishery product.

House specialties


  • Dark Gold Passion GF

    Passionfruit Mousse in a Dark Chocolate Cup! Experience our Dark Gold Dessert: a masterpiece merging passionfruit’ s allure with dark chocolate's elegance. Velvety spoonsful reveal harmonious contrasts as tangy passionfruit mousse dances with deep dark chocolate undertones. Meticulously crafted, the tropical vibrancy of the mousse awakens the palate, while the intense cocoa of the chocolate cup cocoon provides a perfect canvas. This enchanting journey delights taste buds with contrasting textures and flavours, an elegant, irresistible experience. Savour the seductive duet of passionfruit and dark chocolate—a sensory bliss that leaves you enchanted and craving more. Let’s us seduce you with this dessert.

  • Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Ice-cream with sweet fruit chips GF

    Gorgonzola blue chee se ice-cream with fruits We combine the best of both worlds for blue cheese lovers. What you get is a beautiful creamy and mellowed blue cheese ice-cream taste. Served with fruit chips or melon balls (as seasons permit) - the perfect replacement of a cheese and fruit platter

  • Decadent Grand Marnier Cake

    An exquisite blend of flavours found in our Orange & Almond Grand Marnier Gluten-Free Cake.! This delectable treat harmonizes the vibrant essence of oranges with the smooth, indulgent notes of Grand Marnier liqueur. Meticulously crafted to cater to our gluten-free guests, this dessert option is a true delight that satisfies both your sweet cravings and dietary requirements. Prepare to be captivated by the symphony of flavours that will leave you yearning for more. An unmissable treat!

  • Spring Apple Crepes

    Crepes with apple & cinnamon stuffing & caramel drops Indulge in the timeless delight of our Apple and Cinnamon Stuffed Crepes with Caramel Drops. As winter approaches, we pay homage to this beloved classic. Savory style crepes envelop a delectable filling of tender apple slices infused with aromatic cinnamon. With each bite, you'll experience the perfect harmony of flavours, while the caramel drops add a touch of indulgence. Join us in celebrating the season with this historic favourite, a culinary delight that will warm your heart and satisfy your cravings. The perfect end to any dinner.

To Ensure one of the finest dining experiences this menu is indicative, and changes may be made subject to seasonal availability or produce quality.

Suckling Pig Special

Suckling pigs bred exclusively for Horn and Hoof Restaurant

Grab a group of 8 or more, book and pay 7 days in advance and have a whole pig on your table!

A 3 course feast. to give you the Finest Dining Experiences in Docklands, Melbourne.

 Only $103 per person 

These little porkers are bred from the descendants of the Tamworth breed that came over on the first fleet to Australia.  They are free farmed on the rolling plains near Strathalbyn in South Australia by a retired SAS serviceman and his family.  They have a unique flavour (it really is a delicacy), slow cooked over 8 hours, served with pickles and roasted vegetables. 

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