Docklands Dinner

An Evening of Flavors at Horn & Hoof

Experience the magic of the past, mixed with the sophistication of new restaurants of the present, right here in Docklands, Melbourne. From wild boar to hanging tenderloin, our dinner promises an unmatched culinary journey.

Introduction to the Evening Menu of Dinner Restaurant Dockland


Foods of the Forests and Noble Feasts

Horn & Hoof is more than just a dinner restaurant in Dockland – it’s a dive into history, bringing the ancient culinary traditions of Europe’s elite to your plate. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty two-course meal or an indulgent three-course feast, our menu ensures you relive the rich flavours of the past. With options ranging from Wild Boar to Hanging Tenderloin and Lamb Backstrap, every dish promises a story.

Chef's Specials for Docklands Dinner

Flavors Crafted with Passion
Wild Venison

Garnished with sweet cherry tomatoes, caramelized baby carrots, and a delectable cherry sauce

Forest Duck Legs

Marinated in an exquisite blend of coffee and brandy, paired with seasoned veggies, topped with a refreshing apple & cardamom sauce

Alpaca Boneless Shanks

A mix of lentils, goji berries, and roasted capsicum, finished with a dash of Madeira sauce.


Dive into the richness of emu fan-fillet steaks, accentuated with pear mostarda, forbidden black rice, and a tantalizing blackcurrant sauce.

Wine & Dine

Perfect Pairs for a Sumptuous Evening

At Horn & Hoof, we are steadfast believers in the symphony of flavours – an exquisite dish or dessert, while delightful on its own, reaches its zenith when paired with the perfect drink. Our wine and drink selection isn’t merely an afterthought; it’s a curated collection meticulously chosen to dance seamlessly with the unique notes of our European dishes. Whether you’re diving into the hearty, rich flavours of our wild boar or indulging in the delicate, fresh catch of the day, our wines promise to elevate your culinary journey. Each red, with its deep undertones, and each white, with its crisp notes, have been handpicked, ensuring that every sip you take feels like an embrace of flavours.

A Riveting Selection of Spirits and Cocktails

Dinner at Horn & Hoof isn’t just about the food; it’s about the entire experience. As you bask in the ethereal glow of the Docklands, take your pick from a sprawling collection of local spirits, cocktails, and an extensive repertoire of South Australian wines. Each drink tells its own story, an ode to the very best local producers. Imagine this – lounging on plush Chesterfield sofas, feeling the warmth of our heaters during the cool winter months, all while overlooking the tranquil waters of Docklands. It’s an ambience that beckons relaxation. And what better way to unwind than with unique cocktails handcrafted to perfection? Or perhaps you’d prefer to delve into our selection of over two dozen whiskeys and rums, each distinct in flavour, waiting to be explored.

The Pinnacle of Drink Selections

Boasting a vast menu of over 100 local wines, beers, and spirits, Horn & Hoof is more than a dinner destination – it’s a haven for those with a palate for the finer things in life. Every drink is a testament to award-winning local producers, allowing you to taste the very essence of Melbourne in each glass. Whether you choose to savour these delights within the warm ambience of our restaurant or out on the veranda, enveloped by stunning water views, one thing is clear – we are unwavering in our aim. And that aim is to be more than just the best restaurant in Docklands. We aspire to offer an unmatched experience, ensuring that when you think of excellent street food in Melbourne, you think of Horn & Hoof. And so, as the evening draws to a close and the final notes of your drink linger on your tongue, remember the name – Horn & Hoof – where every dinner is a promise of perfection.

The Evening Atmosphere For Dinner Near Docklands At Best Restaurants

Engage Your Senses

While the food remains our hero, the ambience during dinner hours is nothing short of enchanting. The subtle lighting, soft murmurs of satisfied customers, and the gentle clink of cutlery on plates – all contribute to a mesmerizing atmosphere. Imagine devouring a plate of fresh seafood, sipping on specialty coffee or indulging in desserts, all while taking in the view of Bourke Street. It’s more than just a dinner near Docklands; it’s an experience.

Whether you’re on a romantic date, catching up with friends on a Friday evening, or simply looking to satiate your hunger after a stroll in the free tram zone of Melbourne’s Docklands, Horn & Hoof ensures an unforgettable experience.

From the moment you step in, you’ll be transported back in time. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that not just the food but even the drinks and desserts remind you of the culinary traditions of the nobility. Be it our specialty coffee, the best in town, or our delectable desserts, every bite promises a piece of history.

We also have special offerings for those looking for new experiences at Docklands restaurants. Our suckling pig, for instance, is a delicacy that requires a minimum of 8 persons and a week’s advance booking.

We’ve taken immense care to retain the authenticity of flavours, using methods that have stood the test of time. Our sauces, made on-site, are crafted with the finest spirits. Vegetables, flambeed with Brandy, and meats, marinated to perfection, promise a taste that’s unparalleled.

In the words of a contented guest – “This tastes like Real Food”.

We’re not just a dinner restaurant in Dockland; we’re a portal to the past. Come join us on this culinary journey, and let us transport you to another era right here in the heart of Docklands.

Remember, every meal you eat here is not just about satiating your hunger. It’s about reliving a tradition, understanding history, and celebrating flavours.

We look forward to hosting you and ensuring you have an experience worth reminiscing about. See you soon at Horn & Hoof, where history meets taste.