Degustation Restaurants Melbourne

The Best Degustation Melbourne Experience

Embarking on a degustation is not merely dining but embarking on an odyssey of taste and sensation. It’s an intimate dance between the chef and diner, where each dish becomes a chapter, revealing new flavours and layers of a story, tantalizing the senses, and immersing the soul in a culinary narrative. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Docklands, Victoria, Horn & Hoof emerges not just as a dining spot but as a gastronomic landmark. As one of Melbourne’s premier degustation destinations, our name resonates beyond the regular dining milieu, not just for our sought-after monthly events and specials but predominantly for our signature masterpiece – the suckling pig degustation. An experience in itself, this dish encapsulates the essence of our culinary artistry, our commitment to tradition, and our passion for delivering an unforgettable experience to our patrons. Join us and become a part of this iconic culinary journey.

Reasons that make our degustation fine dining a must-experience:

Heritage Breeding

Our suckling pigs are not ordinary; they are a testament to Australia's rich culinary past. Bred exclusively for Horn and Hoof, they trace their lineage back to the esteemed Tamworth breed, did you know that that was the bred of pigs that came over in the First Fleet. This guarantees that the meat you savour is infused with a legacy of taste and quality.

Commitment to Ethical Practices

At the heart of our operations lies a deep-rooted commitment to animal welfare and sustainable practices. Our suckling pigs enjoy the freedom of the vast, picturesque plains near the city of Strathalbyn. Raised by a dedicated family with profound respect for life, the pigs lead natural and compassionate lives, in open fields and not in any sort of pens, translating to healthier and tastier produce

Unparalleled Taste

Our suckling pig promises a flavour that's in a league of its own. It’s the confluence of heritage breeding and humane farming that gives this delicacy its unique taste. Expertly slow-cooked over 12 hours and coupled with a hand-picked vegetable medley, every bite promises a gustatory journey like no other.

A Curated Gastronomic Journey

Our degustation menu Melbourne is carefully crafted to ensure a harmonious dining room experience. Beginning with a refreshing entrée of mixed pickled salads and the earthy dark Bavarian rye bread and culminating in the sweet allure of the Grand Marnier cake, each course is designed to elevate the one before it.

Exclusivity in Bookings

We believe in delivering only the finest experiences. To ensure that each diner receives our undivided attention and a truly unparalleled culinary journey, we cater to a minimum of 8 guests and necessitate a week's advance booking.

Creating Memorable Moments

At Horn and Hoof, dining transcends the mere consumption of food and drinks. It is a curated experience that tantalizes the senses and creates lasting memories. With us, you don’t just dine; you celebrate food, heritage, and shared moments that become cherished memories. Embark on this culinary voyage with us and discover what makes our degustation truly unparalleled.

Our Curated La Carte Menu

Beyond the suckling pig, our degustation menu is a weekly reflection of the freshest finds from the market. Every dish is a revelation, and occasionally, you might get a taste of a yet-to-be-launched menu item. Our signature soups, for instance, mirror European traditions where icicles or snow served as water sources. The result? Clear, pure soups that sing in your mouth. And our special suckling pig? It’s an indulgence for a table of at least 8, with a set menu priced at $103 per person.

Soups: A Seasonal Specialty Tasting Menu

At the heart of our culinary philosophy lies the understanding that great cuisine often requires patience. That’s why our soups, specially curated for our degustation dinner  Melbourne menus, can take up to 3 days of meticulous preparation. Our unique process involves freezing water and allowing it to melt naturally, ensuring all impurities are effectively removed. From this, we only use the pristine top 80%, discarding the bottom 20%. This method is reminiscent of ancient European winter traditions where icicles or snow were utilized for soups due to the unavailability of running water.

Special Suckling Pig Degustation

For a truly authentic and sublime dining experience, we present our Special Suckling Pig Degustation.

  • Booking: For a minimum of 8 persons. It’s crucial to book and pay one week in advance to allow us to prepare for this gourmet experience.
  • Pricing: At $103 per person, indulge in a three-course set menu.

Menu Highlights:

  • Entrée: Begin with a refreshing mix of pickled salads complemented by the rich and earthy flavours of Dark Bavarian Rye Bread.
  • Main Course: Relish our pièce de résistance – the suckling pig. Exclusive to Horn and Hoof Restaurant, these pigs trace their lineage back to the Tamworth breed, first introduced to Australia by the first fleet. Free-farmed in the scenic plains near Strathalbyn, South Australia, these pigs are nurtured by a retired SAS serviceman and his dedicated family. The meat, known for its unparalleled flavour, is a culinary delicacy. Slow-cooked over 12 hours, the suckling pig is served with a medley of fresh vegetables, ensuring each bite is a celebration of flavour.
  • Desserts: Conclude your meal on a sweet note with our Decadent Grand Marnier Cake, a treat that lingers long after the last bite.

Experience the harmony of history, tradition, style and culinary brilliance only at Horn and Hoof Restaurant.

Wine Pairing Excellence- Wine Bar

Every good dish deserves a great glass of wine. And in collaboration with Cut Hill Distillery, we’ve had nights that were not just about food but about the experience. From sipping Lost Phoenix Gin & Soda paired with crushed berry and pear jelly sorbet to Cut Hill Whisky’s that complemented dishes like wild boar with red currents and lamb shanks with dried apricots, every pairing is a symphony of flavours. Our trial Whisky and Cigar degustation event remains unforgettable for those who were a part of it. A spread of 7 courses, each carefully paired with wines and whiskies, ending on the veranda with David off a 2000 cigar, the night was the epitome of luxury dining. We’re not just another place in the town; we are a sensation in the world of Melbourne’s dining scene. And for those searching for an unrivalled fine dining experience, there’s one name to remember: Horn & Hoof.

A Glimpse into the Culinary Journey of Our Chef

Hailing from a snow-kissed foreign realm, our esteemed chef’s journey to the kitchens of Australia is one of passion, resilience, and a profound love for nature. Her infatuation with Australia, a country she now refers to as her “paradise,” propels her mission at the Horn and Hoof Restaurant – sharing a lifetime of culinary wisdom with her cherished guests.

Unlike the rigidity of recipes often seen in traditional establishments, Horn and Hoof treasures the fluidity of cooking methodologies. The emphasis is on mastering the art of cooking, adapting, and innovating with the freshest ingredients available every week. It’s culinary improvisation at its finest!

One might wonder what fueled this unique approach to cuisine. The answer takes us back to the sunlit summers of her childhood. Accompanying her ecologist father on deep forest expeditions, she was introduced to the intricate dance of nature. Far from civilization, she quickly learned the skills of foraging, discerning between edible berries, mushrooms, and flowers, and preparing meals with only what the forest generously provided. From fishing to hunting animals like rabbits and deer and later mastering preservation techniques, the forest became her first culinary school.

Such upbringing instilled in her a keen understanding of food, an appreciation for natural flavours, and the art of harmonizing ingredients without being constrained by traditional recipes.

Her formal culinary journey began with a degree in Hospitality Economics, followed by Chef Qualifications from a renowned university. Her commitment saw her rise through the culinary ranks from an apprentice chef to gracing the roles of Commis Chef, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef  then finally leading as the  Head Chef in prestigious casino restaurants and bistros.

However, upon her arrival in Australia, her international qualifications didn’t hold the same weight. Undeterred, she enrolled in TAFE, earned her Australian qualifications, and honed her craft in various restaurants. Yet, her heart yearned for a space where she could truly express her culinary vision.

Thus, Horn and Hoof were born, focusing on high-end cuisine with its delightful Standard Menu and an ever-evolving degustation menu, a testament to her flair for innovation. A nod to her roots, the menu predominantly features forest-inspired dishes. Remarkably, almost every dish is gluten-free, barring a few exceptions like the black bread and crepes.

We’re more than just a restaurant; we are a story, a legacy, and an experience. As you dine with us tonight, know that you’re partaking in a piece of our chef’s heart and history. Welcome to Horn and Hoof, where every meal is a journey and every bite a memory. We sincerely hope you cherish your time with us this evening.