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Welcome to Horn and Hoof Restaurant and Cigar Lounge

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Let us take you on a culinary adventure of the High-end Forest people’s way of cooking foods.  Afterwards you can check your relax outside on our chesterfields, under a warm heater in the Cigar Lounge.

Forests Foods and Healthy Diets

 Why Forests? We’re all familiar with the concept of forests — lush, abundant expanses of pristine wilderness, teeming with life, a richness of biodiversity and awe-inspiring to behold. Trees and plants intertwined, filling every possible space, the very well-spring of life itself!

 Over history, the people of the world hunted in the forests, gathered nuts, berries, mushrooms, and all sorts of forest fare.

  At Horn and Hoof, we seek to restore, the way foods were cooked in the forests and how people would have this served.  When you dine, you will find yourself having all the wonderful and subtle flavours that will tantalise your palate.

 Come with us and explore the world of forest foods. Discover how millions of people around the world use plants to make tasty nutritious meals.

 Forest foods increase the nutritional quality of any diet!