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Want a whole Suckling pig on your table ? Head to the best restaurant in Melbourne @ Horn and Hoof European Fine Dining.

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Get a group of 8 or more, (book and pay a week in advance) and enjoy a whole suckling pig on your table in a 2 course or 3 course meal ($79pp 2-course, $99pp 3-course) .  Which are bred specially for Horn and Hoof Restaurant.  

Suckling Pig is a Delicacy.  It is a rare treat to have this available on a menu.   Our pigs are raised in especially for us.  They are from the Tamworth Breed.  We have a special contract with a local farmer and he raises his pigs exclusively for us. 

Why Tamworth? They, are considered a great breed because they have tender and lean meat. Unlike other pigs, the Tamworth breed is less fatty. This is primarily due to the fact that they eat low energy foods, are very active and tend to grow more slowly than other bacon breeds.

They are a free-range breed, who cannot be couped up and need to graze in pastures. The Tamworth Pig is said to be descended from the wild hog resident in the Midland Counties of England and domesticated around 300 years ago.
According to the Rare Breeds Trust, “The Hawkesbury Agricultural College first imported Tamworths into Australia from England in the 1890s.  This breed is now classified as critically rare and Australian Tamworths have also been exported back to England as they are also rare in their country of origin.

Where the Tamworth breed originated in central England they would survive on their own grazing in oak and beech forests. Here in Australia grazing in our fields gives the pork a unique and desirable flavour that you will not find anywhere else.