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Horn and Hoof – European Fine Dining is a place of fine tastes and textures. 

Every evening it is the place for a forest of European wonderland foods. If you are early for your dinner booking or just want a nightcap after dinner , Have a seat outside in our chesterfields or at our Bar stocked with a range of fine spirits or have a cigar with your last whisky/coffee or port. 

Find out what you have been missing that is now available in Melbourne’s Docklands.

Horn and Hoof – European Fine Dining will always be a place with a myriad of delicacies made up of items such as Venison, Wild Boar, Goose, Duck, Rabbit, Mushrooms and berries.

These tastes have been available in European cuisine for a long time, however in Melbourne these have been rare exotic treats. Which are now available in the heart of Melbourne’s Docklands

Horn and Hoof – European Fine Dining is a place where you can remember your childhood years ands the story books you used to read.  Remember the food that was described in those books?   The wild boar, goose, duck, venison? 

Do you remember the pictures of berries, mushrooms and gorgeous cakes and ice creams?

Horn and Hoof – European Fine Dining a place where the foods of the deep forest meet mainstream European cuisine.   Horn and Hoof – European Fine Dining is a place of high dining in a casual atmosphere.  Where you will not go home hungry afterwards.

We have won Best European Restaurant Two years running 2021 & 2022. Read further to find out why.

Your Chef Creator

When you hear of a person who has perfect pitch and can play music just hearing it once!  Elena has the same talent with food! She can just look at the ingredients and intuitively understand what will taste best!

Elena was initially taught to cook in the Siberian Forests by her Forester father – each summer they would go camping in the forests  – eating only what they caught, hunted or gathered – It was a summer made up of Rabbit, Deer, wild birds, berries and mushrooms  – and then using spices to make the food taste great.

When Elena grew up she completed an Economics Degree in Hospitality and Cheffing (6 years of a cooking apprenticeship)!

Since then she has run some of the biggest restaurants groups in Siberia. . 

When she migrated to Australia – she had to complete the Australian Qualifications.  (Something about unrecognized qualifications ??)

She has always wanted to open her own special place, somewhere she can experiment and cook the foods of her childhood.