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Best European Restaurant 2022 Melbourne

Best Restaurant Melbourne

Best European Restaurant 2022 – Melbourne & LUXlife Hospitality Excellence Award 2022

We recieved this email LUXlife ………We sent you an email last week to confirm Horn and Hoof Restaurant’s success within the seventh annual Hospitality Awards 2022, proudly hosted by LUXlife

We are so pleased to inform you that Horn and Hoof Restaurant has been selected for the following award/s:

Best European Restaurant 2022 – Melbourne

LUXlife Hospitality Excellence Award 2022

in the Hospitality Awards 2022!

The team at LUXlife would like to express our warmest well wishes for your achievement this year, and trust this marks continued success for yourself and Horn and Hoof Restaurant!

How/Why was I awarded?

The Hospitality Awards 2022 selection is made following careful assessment of any voting or nomination information, alongside any supporting evidence provided by a nominee.

Our panel also considers additional findings that our internal research team has come across in both online and in the public domain, such as client reviews and press.

In order to be awarded, there must be evidence of expertise within a given field; dedication to customer/client service, satisfaction and retention; and an on-going commitment to providing excellent work.

What happens next?

LUXlife will soon be announcing the results with an online directory of 2022 awardees, press release, social media announcements, and the all important annual celebratory magazine!


We feel so blessed to be selected 2 years in a row.  Our Chef and staff love serving our customers, but it is also our customers who bring out the best in us.  We thank “you” our customers for supporting us each week.   Come in and check out our new menu items or try our exclusive 5 Course Degustation, which is different each week and made specially for you.  We hope to see you all soon. 

Regards Elena and Serge