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Horn and Hoof Foods from the European Forests

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The idea behind Horn and Hoof Restaurant, European Fine Dining is to bring the foods and the cooking methods of our forefathers to the table.  Our relatives would go into the forest and gather mushrooms, herbs and hunt for ducks, boars and/or deer. Also, over 100 years ago, most water came from village wells and was not fit for drinking. So, it had to be purified some way for human consumption.  That could have been by boiling it, freezing it, making spirits, beer or wine out of it.

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European Forest Food – Winner Best European Restaurant 2021 & 2022

Horn and Hoof Restaurant, European Fine Dining follows these traditions.  As examples:

  • All sauces are made on site and are mixed with wines, brandies, whiskies, or vodkas. (No water shall touch our sauces)
  • Mushrooms are only cooked in wines.
  • Vegetables are enhanced with herbs and flambeed with Brandy.
  • Blini (Crepes) – the flour mixture has either wine/vodka added to it instead of water, this evaporates faster than water when cooking, resulting in millions of little air pockets within making it lighter, fluffier, and more flavoursome.
  • Bread:  Dark ryes are made with stout or black beers, while the lighter breads are made with the lighter lagers.
  • Meats – are all marinated in wines prior to any cooking.
  • Soups – these are made seasonally for our special degustation menus and can take up to 3 days to prepare. Water for soup is frozen and left to melt, the bottom 20% is discarded and only the remaining 80% is used. This is to copy the European forest people soups when icicles or snow was used, and no running water was available.

It is our belief that using these time proven methods, brings a more realistic taste, enhancing the innate flavours of the ingredients and making it much more authentic and in the words of one of our customers –

“This tastes like Real Food”.

We hope you will enjoy our menu and hope to see you again soon to try other menu items or a special degustation.

Note* we may substitute Accompaniments due seasonal/market availability, please accept our apologies should this occur.