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Back in Black

Horn and Hoof introduce – Back in Black – “New for 23”.

One of the best tasting fish available – Black cod (AKA Alaskan Sablefish), with potato mash & baby pickles.

These are best described as the ‘Fillet Mignon’ of whitefish or ‘Sea Butter.’; it is exciting seeing the reaction when introducing this fish to first timers, their eyes literally light up with the first bite, and they start asking all kinds of questions about where to get it, and why they’ve never heard of it before. Sablefish (aka ‘Blackcod’) maintains an elegant uniqueness that is delicate in flavour and velvety in texture. They are known for being high in omega 3 oil.

Fully grown Sablefish live at depths from 150 to 1500 meters below the surface, undertake migrations of more than 1000 miles and can live over 90 years.  And Black Cod live in deep, cold waters of the Pacific. To allay your fears, Sablefish, are a sustainable Alaskan fishery product.

Black Cod taste amazing, but Black Cod, are actually not Cod at all. They belong to a whole other family of fish and often go by the name of Sablefish.

Distribution and Habitat

Black Cod prefer deeper, sea beds, from depths of a 1,000 to 9,000 feet. They inhabit the northeastern waters of the Pacific, and are most commonly found off the coast of Alaska, and all the way down south to California.


Black Cod dark gray, almost black in color. They feature two relatively short dorsal fins, and a very faint lateral line. They max out at just over 1m. However, usually grow no bigger than 5kgm and often reach the age of 90!

Texture and Taste

Black Cod boast white meat, with a velvety texture and buttery flavor. The good news is that they’re abundant in their habitat, which means that you can catch your fill any time you want!

In terms of nutrition, Black Cod is a great source of vitamins A, D, and E as well as valuable omega-3s. and are even richer in omega-3s, containing as much as wild Salmon. Their mercury content is considered moderate, which means adults can eat four or more servings per week, and children two servings per week. 

Where else would you find this except on one of the Best Restaurant in the Docklands and Melbourne. Which bring in a new era of dining to Melbourne’s Docklands. 

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