Horn & Hoof

A taste of the Forest

Horn & Hoof Restaurant Docklands is situated in the heart of the Melbourne’s food district, only a stone’s throw from the Docklands Stadium, ⁠ This waterfront venue is the perfect location to enjoy a drink with a view, and a truly exceptional European dining experience at the  Horn & Hoof Restaurant Docklands.⁠

⁠Open 5pm until late, Wednesday through to Sunday. We look forward to seeing you soon Horn & Hoof Restaurant Docklands!


We’re well known for our delicious
traditional Forest dishes

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Serving a wide variety of local spirits , intricate cocktails
and home to weekly special brews from local Brewers


Don’t miss our regular themed
events featuring special menu items, that are not normally on our menu, but specially designed for these nights.

Restaurant in Docklands

Dive into a world where European culinary brilliance meets Melbourne’s iconic Docklands charm. Welcome to Horn & Hoof, an epitome of refined dining, where every visit unfolds as a unique experience. Perfectly situated in Melbourne’s bustling food district, our restaurant boasts an ambience that’s simply unbeatable. From indoor settings designed to foster intimate conversations to our Chesterfield-laden outdoor spaces, warmed by open fires and overlooking tranquil waters, we have it all. Our accolades speak for themselves – reigning as the Best European Restaurant in Docklands for three consecutive years. With themed nights offering exclusive delicacies, top-tier services, and a stellar 4.9 rating across platforms, Horn & Hoof isn’t just another restaurant in Docklands; it’s a destination. Whether it’s a lavish European meal you seek or a simple coffee moment, find it all here, wrapped in luxury and warmth.

Why Are We Voted As One Of Melbourne's Best Restaurants?

Exceptional European Cuisine

We don't merely serve food but curate gastronomical masterpieces. Our dedication to European cuisine is evident in every dish that leaves our kitchen. Whether it's the aroma of a hearty meal or the delicate flavours dancing on your palate, our food is distinctly European. Debunking common misconceptions, our roots delve deep into European traditions. It's not just about eating; it's about indulging in an age-old European legacy.

Strategic Location

Our address is our pride. Located just a whisper away from the famed Docklands Stadium, our restaurant offers a visual treat. As you sip your drinks, the sprawling waterfront unfolds before you, turning every meal into a scenic delight. Our proximity to such a landmark not only ensures easy accessibility but also surrounds you with the rhythmic pulse of Docklands. Indeed, it's more than just a location; it's a great place where memories are made.

Open for Business Lunches

Understanding the dynamics of a busy workday, we've mastered the art of serving impeccable prebooked business lunches. Every dish is pre-cooked with precision, ensuring you a seamless dining experience even on a tight schedule. In the vast sea of docklands restaurants, we've carved a niche for ourselves. It's not by mere chance but by relentless commitment that we stand tall as the best restaurant in Docklands, catering especially to your mid-day cravings.

Amazing Food and Themed Nights

At Horn & Hoof, monotony finds no place. Our menu is a living testament to our love for innovation. While our regular dishes have patrons returning, our themed nights are the talk of the town. Every themed event is a culinary carnival, where special dishes, not part of our usual menu, make a grand appearance. Prepared exclusively for these events, they embody the spirit of celebration, ensuring our guests experience something new every time they visit.

Our Forest charm

Our purpose is to provide you with an exceptional dining experience, championing traditional forage from the forests. We lovingly prepare our dishes, paying homage to our forefathers by integrating age-old cooking methods to bring to you an authentic food experience.

It is our belief that using these time-proven methods brings a more realistic taste, enhancing the innate flavours of the ingredients and making it much more authentic.

Forests cover 30% of the worlds land mass and have 50% of the plant productivity. They spans the tundras, coniferous forests, expansive mountain ranges .

Historically forest cooking methods and ingredients have been heavily influenced by the environment they live in. Usually extreme cold winters and short warm summers would mean little variety during the winter months, meaning preserving produce and cooking with alcohol was essential to have multiple food flavours throughout the long winters.

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Fine Dining in Melbourne's Docklands

An Ode to European Heritage Docklands Restaurants

Our food speaks a language, one of the age-old traditions, forage from European forests, and cooking methods that have been passed down generations. Our menu doesn’t just fill you up; it tells a story, one plate at a time. While forests dominate much of the world’s landscape, they offer more than just greenery. They provide ingredients full of depth, flavour, and history. We blend these age-old ingredients with modern European techniques to serve you meals that are authentic, delightful, and purely European.

A Peek Into Our Amazing Food & Offerings

Horn & Hoof, the epitome of authentic European cuisine in Docklands, delivers a culinary spectacle with every dish. Relish entrées such as Arctic Salad and Bambi’s Triple treat, or dive into mains featuring venison, wild boar, and the enticing “Black Cod.” Pair these delicacies with our expansive range of local spirits and South Australian wines. And as a grand finale, surrender to desserts like passion fruit mousse enveloped in dark chocolate cups. Each dish not only tantalizes the taste buds but narrates a story of tradition and innovation.

Mouthwatering Dishes

Dive into a curated menu influenced by European heritage. Whether it's our street food-inspired appetizers or sumptuous main courses, every plate at Horn & Hoof captures the heart of European dining. Don't miss our desserts, masterfully crafted to round off your dining experience.

Refreshing Drinks

Beyond being a prominent restaurant in Docklands, our bar serves as a beacon for drink enthusiasts. Be it an intricate cocktail crafted with love or a warm coffee sourced from Melbourne's finest brewers, our beverage list is as expansive as it is exquisite.

Great Atmosphere

At Horn & Hoof, we're more than just fantastic food and drinks; we're an experience. With a service team that prioritizes your comfort and an atmosphere echoing the warm vibes of restaurants in Melbourne Docklands, we create moments you'll cherish. It's the perfect blend of Docklands' spirit with a touch of European flair.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Food Experience

Docklands restaurants Melbourne are plenty, but Horn & Hoof stands out with its commitment to quality, atmosphere, and service, so if you’re searching for not just good restaurants in Docklands but the best ones, you know where to head.

Our Signature Dishes

Delve into an exquisite array of European specialties at our Melbourne Docklands restaurants. From refreshing Arctic Salads to the intricate flavours of Wild Allsorts, each dish promises a culinary voyage. Savour the rich taste of Wild Venison and Wild Boar, or indulge in the tender perfection of Hanging Tenderloin. For those seeking something truly unique, our Sucking Pig and Black Cod are masterpieces in their own right, embodying the essence of European finesse. Experience the best of Docklands dining with every bite.

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